Garage Door Installation in Dutchess County

Garage door installation in Dutchess County

Are you in need of a garage door installation in Dutchess County? Look no further than OnTrack Garage Doors. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to garage doors. Whether it is a garage door installation or garage door repair, we can help you out. We pride ourselves with our quality service and fast response. With our knowledge in garage doors, we’re glad to tell you we are number one in garage door installation in Dutchess County.

Installing your new garage door

When installing the new door, our technicians will release the old spring. The technician will then remove the old door and tracks. If the door is a segmented door, the segments will be removed one by one. Afterwards, all of the hardware will be collected and properly disposed of.

The new tracks will be installed so the new door will open and close easily. On the bottom door segment, weather stripping will be installed. Rollers will be installed on the new door segments and inserted into the tracks. The hinges will then be attached so the entire door will move as one unit.

At the top of the door, the brackets for the springs will be mounted. These are threaded onto the rods and the cables will be attached. When the door is opened, the tension places on the cable and holds it in place. The springs will then be adjusted by the technician. This will conclude your garage door installation in Dutchess County.

Our technicians

Our technicians in Dutchess County are highly trained to install  a garage door quickly and efficiently. They can reset or fix an opener or springs as well. Homeowners should never try to adjust or install springs themselves. They hold a tremendous amount of energy and if they break, they can send a tool flying with enough impact to kill someone. It is much better to leave a garage door installation in Dutchess County to professionals.

If you are shopping for residential or commercial garage doors in Dutchess County, we offer Haas, Clopay, Garaga, Amaar, and Doorlink. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Our garage door repairmen have all technical garage door industry experience working on all makes and models of garage doors, garage door openers, parts, accessories and more. Contact us today at (914) 301-2026 and get more information about garage door installation in Dutchess County.

On Track Garage Doors  are experts in garage door replacement. If you have any questions pertaining to garage door replacement in Dutchess County, or would like to schedule an complimentary consultation with OnTrack Garage Doors, contact us at (914) 301-2026.

Garage Door Replacement Westchester NY



Fall is here and there is no better time for the residents of Westchester, NY to replace their garage doors. Why is that you may ask? Well here at OnTrack Garage Doors we have a few reasons why this is the best time to start your garage door replacement project.

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Garage Door Openers in Westchester, NY

garage door openers in westchester ny

Looking for garage door openers in Westchester, NY, but not sure what kind to choose from? Not worry. The professional experts at OnTrack Garage Doors are your one-stop shop for any items or accessories that pertain to garage doors for your residence or commercial property.

Garage Door Openers in Westchester, NY

Not all garage door openers are the same. Older homes in Westchester, NY may be more vulnerable than newer ones. When automatic garage door openers were invented, the first generation of devices all featured the same code. In addition, second generations weren’t much more advanced. If you have an older opener, consider upgrading to a more secure device with a password only you and your family have access to.

At OnTrack Garage Doors, we not only offer garage doors, but a variety of accessories. Both items can help you really make full use of your garage door system. We have over 35 years of experience in the garage door industry. With our knowledge, servicing residential and commercial garage door openers is our specialty. Our work can guarantee you years of use, paired with the best prices in Westchester NY.


  • My Q: My Q by LiftMaster allows you to access, activate and monitor for greater control and security of your home. Imagine being able to open your garage door for your neighbor or a friend – even if you’re on a business trip away from home!
  •  Mini Remote: The mini remote by LiftMaster is a 3-button mini remote control that’s small enough to fit on your key chain. It remotely opens your garage door when you get home. It can even open up to three garage doors!
  • Remote Light Switch: Now you can control your house lights at the touch of a button. The LiftMaster® Remote Light Switch replaces any single light switch. Thus, it allows control of the lights remotely via the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway or garage door opener remote control.

OnTrack Garage Doors are the experts in garage door openers in Westchester NY. If you have any questions pertaining to garage door service or repairs, installation, and commercial garage doors in Westchester, NY, Dutchess County, NY, Putnam County, NY and Rockland County, NY, contact us at (914) 301-2026.

Garage Door Installation Services Offered in Rockland County

At OnTrack Garage Doors we offer garage door installation in Rockland County. We offer both residential and commercial garage doors.

· Residential garage doors: we can custom order any design at many different sizes to meet your needs, if you have an unconventional set up.

· Commercial garage doors: we offer a variety of insulation types and thicknesses with several panel treatment style choices. The doors we offer are specifically designed to retain the desired heated or cooled air, and offer quiet and smooth operation.

To find out more about OnTrack Garage Doors’ garage door installation in Rockland County, contact us at: (914) 301-2026

Looking for a Garage Door Company This Winter?

Winter is here and that means it’s a great time to begin looking into protecting your car and valuables from the elements. So if you are looking for a reliable garage door company in Westchester, NY trust the professionals at OnTrack Garage Doors. We have over 35 years in experience installing and servicing both commercial and residential garage doors.

Our Mission:

OnTrack Garage Doors’ mission is to cater to each and every customer with individual attention, and focus on their particular garage door needs while providing the best prices in Westchester, NY.

Contact OnTrack Garage Doors today to find out more about our services: (914) 301-2026