Extension Spring Replacement

Extension Springs serve the function of assisting with the opening of the Garage Door, which helps reduce the strain on the motor. Garage door extension springs are made specifically for a particular garage door height. Although there are often multiple spring lengths for a given garage door height, longer springs tend to be used on taller garage doors. Extension springs are also designed to lift a certain amount of weight. Installing the correct length and tension is very important to avoid damaging your garage door and risking possible injury.

Since the extension springs are located on both sides of the garage door, it is important to replace both at the same time. This will ensure that there is an even amount of pressure exerted on both sides.

Replacing the extension springs on your garage door can be a complicated and dangerous process if you have not been properly trained to do it correctly. OnTrack Garage Door Co will replace your broken or worn out extension springs once we have properly assessed your needs. If you are experiencing any issues with the operation of your garage door, the Putnam County Garage Door Experts at OnTrack Garage Door Co can be reached at 914.301.2026.