Garage door replacement in Rockland County

Garage Door Replacement in Rockland County

Are you looking for garage door replacement in Rockland County? Replacing a garage door is one of the largest home improvements or repairs. They are large and need precise installation, preferably by a reputable company such as On Track Garage Doors, to work correctly.

Types of garage doors

  • Double doors that swing open
  • A single door that lifts up (This type of door is seldom seen anymore)
  • A door made from several long, connected panels that roll up and overhead

Doors in Rockland County made thirty years ago are a distinctly different size than they are today. Most cars made then were huge. Many doors of this size still exist. This may be one reason you find yourself in need of garage door replacement. You may need your new garage door to be custom made because of the size. Today’s doors are lighter; they are lifted by automatic openers much easier than wooden doors.

Many customers have questions about the installation or repair of a garage door, opener or springs. The following information is given to help you understand the process and hopefully answer a few of your questions.

Installing your new garage door

The first step is to select the door you want. Your current door will be measured by our technician. These measurements will help identify the correct size door for your home.

When installing the new door, our technicians will release the old spring. The technician will then remove the old door and tracks. If the door is a segmented door, the segments will be removed one by one. All of the hardware will be collected and properly disposed of.

The new tracks will be installed so the new door will open and close easily. On the bottom door segment, weather stripping will be installed. Rollers will be installed on the new door segments and inserted into the tracks. The hinges will then be attached so the entire door will move as one unit.

At the top of the door, the brackets for the springs will be mounted. These are threaded onto the rods and the cables will be attached. When the door is opened, the tension places on the cable and holds it in place. The springs will then be adjusted by the technician. This will conclude your garage door replacement in Rockland County.

Leave it to the professionals

The technicians at On Track Garage Doors are highly trained to install or repair a garage door quickly and efficiently. They can reset or fix an opener or springs as well. Homeowners in Rockland County should never try to adjust or install springs themselves. They hold a tremendous amount of energy and if they break, they can send a tool flying with enough impact to kill someone. It is much better to leave a garage door replacement in Rockland County to professionals.

A new garage door will give your home an instant face lift. Since most new doors are energy efficient, you may find your utility bill lower if your house and garage are attached. Items stored in the garage will fare better with an insulated door keeping the summer heat out and the winter heat inside. You might find the garage comfortable enough to use it as an extra room. Contact us today at (914) 301-2026 and get more information about garage door replacement in Rockland County!

On Track Garage Doors are experts in garage door replacement. If you have any questions pertaining to garage door replacement in Rockland County, or would like to schedule an complimentary consultation with On Track Garage Doors, contact us at (914) 301-2026.