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Garage Door Replacement in Dutchess County

According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing an old, malfunctioning, or unattractive garage door can give someone hoping to sell their home an 84 percent return on investment at sale time. On Track Garage Doors can provide a full garage door replacement in Dutchess County! Deferred maintenance is a warning sign to home shoppers that unseen structural issues may be present in the property that will only reveal itself after the new buyer has already moved in. A new, smoothly functioning garage door is a sign to potential buyers that you’ve been mindful of routine maintenance around your home and can reassure potential buyers that they’re looking at a solid piece of real estate.

On Track Garage Doors has more than 35 years of experience installing, replacing, and repairing garage doors in Dutchess County and surrounding areas. You can feel confident in choosing On Track Garage Doors for your residential and commercial garage door needs. We provide broken springs, pulleys, and cables, to service and repair for your electric garage door opener motor service to all of Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Dutchess counties. Our trucks are always equipped with all necessary repair parts, so we are able to take care of all your repair needs in just one trip!

Signs of a garage door malfunction:

You may notice some of these symptoms of a malfunctioning garage door;

The garage door doesn’t close completely or doesn’t seal the without gaps.

  • Often, this situation is a symptom of a faulty track guide for the rollers of the door. The track may be bent, clogged, or have come loose from where it is anchored to the garage wall.
  • If it is a manually operated door, the door may operate with resistance or it may feel heavy to lift or to close. Typically this is a problem with the door’s springs. The springs help the door open and close can become worn or broken over time and need replacement.
  • Another associated part of the door that can cause these symptoms is the cables that attach the door springs to the door panels. These twisted metal cords can become worn or frayed and present a falling hazard from the door. The brackets connected to the cables may have come loose from where they are anchored to the wall. The repeated use of the door may have loosened the brackets’ connections and caused a hazard where the door could come away from the wall or fall from above.

The automatic garage door motor no longer works.

  • The electric motor is a garage door component that is best examined or repaired by an experienced professional like the team at On Track. Automatic garage door openers are hard-wired to the buildings electrical system, and there is the risk of shock if you don’t know what you’re doing.

On Track Garage Doors caters to every customer with individual attention and we focus on their particular garage door needs while providing the best prices for garage door replacement in Dutchess County! Whether you are looking for a new garage door, or simply to repair an existing garage door, On Track is the company to call!

On Track Garage Doors are experts in garage door replacement. If you have any questions pertaining to garage door replacement in Dutchess County, or would like to schedule an complimentary consultation with On Track Garage Doors, contact us at (914) 301-2026.