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When should you get garage door service in Rockland County?

In most homes, the garage door is the single largest moving part. It is big and heavy, particularly so if you have a wind-loaded door with extra bracing. Over the course of a year, if you use your door an average of three to four times a day, it will go up and down about 1000 to 1500 times. To prolong the life of your door and ultimately save on service expenses, follow these steps to lubricate a few key parts. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes. On Track Garage Doors also proudly serves Putnam County, Dutchess County, and Westchester County.

To keep your door working smoothly and quietly, apply a light silicone based oil every six months to the hinges, rollers (bearings and shafts), springs and the spring shaft end bearings. Look for “silicone” or “garage door lubricant” on the label. Do not use petroleum based lubricants because they won’t protect as well against corrosion and can cause the door to stick when it is below freezing.

With regular lubrication, your door system will last far longer and require less service and repair work. According to AngiesList, average repairs can run $100 to $300 or more for roller or spring replacement. In comparison, garage door lubricants are less than $10 per can.

After you apply the spray, open and close the door a few times to distribute the lubricant over all bearing and spring surfaces. The squeaks should be gone. And you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your garage door investment is being properly protected. It is also a good idea to get professional garage door service in Rockland County, seeing as a “mis-handled” garage door can be very difficult (and costly) to fix. It is therefore recommended that you call an experienced Rockland County garage door service company such as On Track Garage Doors, to assist you.

Your garage door is a highly visible, hard-working surface that is subjected to all sorts of use and abuse on a daily basis. And yet, during the spring cleaning season, we often neglect to give our garage doors the same kind of care that we give our homes’ windows, patios and other exterior areas. Now’s a good time to expand your spring cleaning checklist to include the garage door service in Rockland County. Here are some tips:

For optimal results when washing the door:

Wash the door surfaces and windows of your garage with a mild liquid soap (such as a car-washing soap or dish-washing soap) and water. Wash both the interior and exterior using a sponge, cloth and/or soft brush.

Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents. This can damage the painted surface of the door or the seals.
Rinse thoroughly with a hose, but do not use a pressure washer. This, too, can damage the surface.

If you are cleaning something more stubborn than dirt or road salt, such as oil stains, you can spot-clean the area with a diluted bleach and water solution. Be sure to never mix bleach with other cleanser because the mixture will cause harmful fumes. Immediately after spot cleaning, rinse all surfaces thoroughly.

After washing, and every six months to protect the door’s finish, your door should be waxed. Use a good quality car wax, following instructions on the package.  CAUTION: Do not apply wax to AccuFinish™, ArmorFinish™ or anodized aluminum doors. And, of course, if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, call On Track Garage Doors at: 914-301-2026, we will be happy to handle your garage door service in Rockland County and beyond!

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